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Laurie has just been released from the mental hospital and Craig suddenly realizes that Gina might be in danger.Craig finds Gina and Laurie under the pier where, Laurie has cut Gina on her wrist with a knife, and is trying to kill her. He and his former wife Gayle have an argument over her desire to have full custody of Hobie, for which she informs Mitch she has filed suit.

Craig and Gina let her spend the night in their house. Harris a visit and finds out that Laurie's father has been dead for ten years.

Nancy Valen who plays Hallie in the pilot, later became a regular cast member in 1996 as Captain Samantha Thomas.

Brian Austin Green, who would later go on to star on Beverly Hills 90210 has a small role as a boy on the beach in this episode.

After Mitch swims down to the boat to investigate, he returns to a rescue boat for scuba gear, while Al dives down into the boat and reaches the survivors through a hole in the boat's hull.

Mitch and Al manage to rescue the survivors, but in the process, Al's legs are tangled in a fishing net, and he drowns before resurfacing.

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