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You indeed dipected the true essence of being a "good leader" that really moved me while watching your series. i love u park bo-gum Watching Love In The Moonlight was awesome .

Another thing, the series was at its best when it reflects on the value of true friend, being a "zealous friend" to every friend that we have. I don't have to leave a long message for you dearest Park Bo-Gum because I will be talking to you soon ? This is my first time to post like this wew from the bottom of my soul.my first time to appreciate Korean Actor. It's hard for me to like Korean celebrity but you just captivated me in everything tsk tsk tsk..a charm! We have a very big age gap(8 years) lol but i learned to love you more each day.my:-)) Hi bogummy Im your fan ,super fan I like the way you act,sing and dance And so cute Im a boyoo couple fan girl Pls.... ;) Hi park bo gum, I know a lot of us were captivated by your talent in acting and your cute looks,but there is even more i was more than happy when i know your a christian.. Hope you visit the Philippines the second time around. please I jope one day I will be givin a chanvr to, see you in person I wish you all the best that this world could offer my prince. Park Bo-Gum u know ur such a good actor in ur tv series love in the moonlight, ur such a cute prince with a million dollar sweet smile, u know what everytime i saw u in front of the camera i felt im melting away because of u..lol?

I cannot help than to cry also your so humble , amiable ,charming man , and Dont ever change it will lead to success .. Park Bo Gum inspired me to visit and work in South Korea. :) How I wish to meet you personally and have a time to chat.

I hope you will be able to do more koreanovela that touches our heart all ,,, We all fro philipine likes it and I hope you can come to visit Philippine again tour more on the nice places here in philippines ,,,,, I hope God will grant my wish to visit Korea and work there ,,, I wish i can see you in person ,,,, Jusimi,,, Hello Park Bo-Gum, ds Frankie of the Philippines, a teacher in my own native land. I wish to see you but that's very impossible isn't it? But still I'm hoping someday my wish will come true. After watching the Love in the Moonlight episodes on You Tube, I've always wanted to see his face.

Until now, the day hardly ends without going back to my favorite episodes. Hi, I am not a fan of Korean series nor Korean Actors but when I watch moonlight you really captured my heart. I hate my self when I didn't see you when you go to Cebu Philippines.

And ofcourse, it will not turn out that good if it wasn't because of your great performance as a lead actor.

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There is something in the story that makes me go over it again and again. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. You are so awsome and your face is so damn beautiful (sorry for cussing But i am just trying to explain My feelinga ^.^ ) so Oppa Fighting i want you to have more dramas i of course want you as lead role I believe in you Fighting i am your no.1 fan park bo gum because all your performed in any drama series is all succesfull, i want to see you in personal but i know it won't happen anymore so i will just still support you and kim yoo jung i hope you will be good couple in personal because of your good chemistry and i hope too, you will have a same drama again with kim yoo jung because i always love both of you#LITM # love you boyoo Hi Park Bo Gum ?? I love the style and I love the koreanovela Entittled "Love in the Moonlight it was a good and i love the way you smile your so cute ..smile so sweet and when you do the "Boombastic video its make me laugh so much . It makes me smile,laugh and cry Hope you will visit our country PHILIPPINES Hope to meet you personally and time to chat Saranghaeyo oppa❤❤ Love at first episode I've never been this addicted to a Korean actor. annyeonghasaeyo oppa.oppaga jongmal saranghaeyo..you're the best male actor in my life.i get to see you in person in the future i will be the happiest person in the world..n your acting is the best..saranghae........... reading all the comments and i have to agree with syifei... Also, your series encourages me on strengthening my decission making skills, and lastly, your series give d best example for the young people, "the milleneals" to be very careful of their trust and love towards the other. I can't wait to see you and show you how I treasure you not just an actor but an amazing guy. Visit my country Philippines,cebu philippines I really want to see you in personal I want to go to korea but im not allowed God blessyou!!! I really adore you for everything you do i hope i could meet you one day just one talk and one picture of me and you.. Park Bo Gum is a great actor, he's good in everything he do. I was in Cebu when you had a vacation with the cast of MDBC, but I didn't know you back then and missed you out. :) Even if you don't know that I exist and I'm just one of your million fans who can never be able to meet you, hold you and hug you in personal, I'm still thankful that I have known such a person like you. May you continue to be a good inspiration to the young people of today and even to us, teachers, so that we too, may continue to educate our kids justly and according to the social standards and truth. Please stay humble and continue smiling because it makes you cute. Saranghae Hi park bo gum I appreciate you as a genuine person. Hoping you visit philippines and specifically Samar. I cant wait for your another movie or kdrama series.. But most of all, he's a great example to everybody and to the youth. Now I'm grieving, how on earth did I missed you out? I never liked someone from korean actor but when I saw you you captured my heart heavily.

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