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There's literally a gas station and a hotel.\n Ryland: And then Victoria [Asher] got typhoid fever, so Alex and I went hunting.\n Alex: For bucks.\n Ryland: You have to know the game to get the joke. Only shows along the Oregon Trail—mostly towns populated with under 500 people.\n\n Gabe: We all really do root for each other.Gym Class Heroes aren't fully hip-hop, but they're also not punk rock, so it's hard to fit them into a category.Other bands came out on Fueled by Ramen after him and got bigger, but he never got jealous, never got bitter.He was just always positive.\n\n Gabe: I totally understand that.Several years later, have you ever wondered what some of the stars from the shows look like?Well, wonder no more as we’re giving you the ultimate #Throwback and showing you what some of the stars from your favorite throwback Disney Channel shows look like now! We always loved all of the fun that the Baxter family and friends went through and we always wondered what vision Raven was bound to have next.Fave Singers/Groups: Cast of HSM, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Raven, Aly&AJ, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, The Cheetah Girls, Hilary Duff, Keke Palmer. Gabriella has to say goodbye to all of her friends and the love of her life..

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) High School Musical 2( same level as HSM) Jump In! ) Halloweentown High: Return to Halloweentown(LV Lucas!

🙌🏻 Who has already gotten their hands on some of these items!?

[image id='b9adc910-ab61-49fc-9422-389819b6e80d' media Id='c6b51548-cc5a-4535-85d2-3063347e35b7' loc=' L'][/image]\n\n Ryland: None of us really eat fast food, but every once in a while, we'll do Taco Bell, and sometimes we go to Pita Pit.\n Alex: I like Chipotle. Once, we had a day off right by \"The Oregon Trail,\" like in the video game. Travis Mc Coy [from Gym Class Heroes] is such an inspiration.

We have amazing memories of our fave Nickelodeon and Disney characters.

And while they will always be that way in our memories (and hearts), everyone must grow up eventually, even though it's HEARTBREAKING.

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