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There were 42 locks on the main line and three on the Calne branch. While the main canal was opened in 1810, some branches were operating before this and others added afterwards.

The North Wilts Canal from Swindon to the Thames and Severn Canal at Cricklade was opened in 1819; it had 11 locks.

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Despite this, the Wilts & Berks Canal operated for more than a century, though traffic had pretty much ceased by 1901.

The North Wilts Canal merged with it to become a branch to the Thames and Severn Canal at Latton near Cricklade.

Among professional trades boatmen, the canal was nicknamed the Ippey Cut, possibly short for Chippenham.

Chippenham Wharf, once home to Brinkworth's Coal Depot, was used by residents as a refuse tip, and council minutes from 1926 show a decision to dump pig offal in the disused waterway.

A bus station was built on the site, the buried wharf being uncovered briefly during redevelopment in 2006.

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