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Eva, his mother, is, in Wexford's opinion, quite cavalier in reaction to his death, and other family members are no more helpful.

Margaret Parsons, a fairly ordinary housewife who, with her water board official husband Ron, has recently moved to Kingsmarkham, is found murdered in a field. Parsons led an extremely uneventful life, being a lay preacher, but Inspector Wexford is intrigued when he is looking through her belongings and fine a number of expensive antique books all inscribed 'From Doon to Minna'. When Wexford and Burden go on a holiday to France together with their wives, they meet an alluring English couple.

However, later series shifted focus onto other short stories previously written by Rendell, with Wexford only featuring in three further stories, in 1996, 19 respectively.

When broadcast, these three stories were broadcast under the title Inspector Wexford.

Burden suspects that an ex-con with a grudge against Mr. Wexford is convinced that the death is linked to something that happened in China and interrogates the holidaying party.

Tom Peterlee, a member of a large family who live in three adjoining cottages, is murdered.

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