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Modern life sees us spend longer hours toiling at work and less time enjoying at play.

Precious after hours and weekends go by so fast that Monday always seems to be around the corner.

Our USA and European delivery times are on a par with domestic services within the areas.

Please allow between 2-4 working days for UK orders and 7-10 for orders made outside of the UK.

To live life to the fullest, any free time should be enjoyed with like-minded people of similar interests.

Meet Drinks is a geo-social group meet-up application that brings people closer together over a mutual appreciation for bespoke drinks and elegant conversations.

ABV: 4.5% IBU: 15 Availability: Year-round Determined to keep landlubbers from his provisions of Ginger Beer, Capt'n Rude journeyed into the mystery of the sea to hide the casks deep within the graveyard of the Atlantic.

Also, there were increases in reservations and reservations on traditionally quiet shifts.With our fast chat (open only for a 24 hour window) between matches, it compels quick introductions that leads to either a date, group date or moving on.To help break the ice and confirm a reservation at a partnering venue, for a date you will pre-order 1 drink at (double dates are 2 drinks for and so on).99% of our shipments are received before the top end of these estimates, as a result we will only investigate lost orders once the expected delivery time-frame has been missed.A robust oatmeal stout with flavorful chocolate and coffee accents.

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