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It's about a lone Jewish high school student which marched alongside Arab-American students protesting Israel.

Reporters asked him [the Jewish student] afterwards about his unusual presence, and he explained, “I came out because I want to defend Israel…

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), and be able to punch your cartisiya, hold a baby, and fold a stroller while finding your seat.

How to navigate the winding streets of Yerushalayim, and how to find my way, basically, in the Old City.

Another Arab-speaking American explained, “The only reason Israel is doing this is because they got kicked out from, uh, the German whatever, whatever happened to them.

So they’re trying to take out their anger on someone else.” Asked about the Bible and the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel since the times of King Solomon, he lowered his voice and said, “I don’t know about that.”Check it out here with a video.

Yet I still wonder- should I have taken the risk, for my daughter's education's sake? Posted by nmf #7 at AM 4 comments Labels: aliyah, ideas, Israel, perspective, School Wednesday, June 2, 2010Israel Through Different Eyes I recently hosted a good friend of mine who was visiting here for two weeks.Sunday, June 20, 2010Missing My Sundays Work and school have bogged me down for the time being- my faithful Google reader is waiting with many stars for all the Jblogosphere posts out there that I would like to comment on, but alas, the hours never come. I miss that day of the week where I could catch up on work, relax, and generally enjoy my day. Posted by nmf #7 at PM 3 comments Friday, June 4, 2010Integration in Israel Part Three The second thing that happened to me was that a neighbor called me about a certain gan that was opening up in my neighborhood.I could have off from work, spend time with my daughter and husband- you know the drill. It has a specific style of learning, of which I'm an advocate for, and she wanted to know if it would be suited for her child.I originally had chosen a gan that I thought would be wonderful for her, if not the total, absolute best, because that was what was out there that I thought suited her and our lifestyles.Then someone else suggested a gan that would probably be the total absolute best gan out there.

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